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Monty Messex of Dead Fucking Last Talks Collab w/Hugo Mudie, DFL History, Favourite Band Logos & What's In Store For 2019/2020

Monty Messex and his Los Angeles punk rock band, Dead Fucking Last, just released a track with Hugo Mudie, entitled "Incompris." Hugo is the founder of Montreal, Quebec's, Pouzza Fest, and frontman of The Sainte Catherines. If you listen closely you'll hear his French vocals on the new DFL x Mudie collab.  Check out the song below, and read what Monty had to say about collaborating with Hugo, DFL history, his favourite band logos and what's in store this year and next for Dead Fucking Last!    DFL x Hugo Mudie, Los Angeles meets Montreal; what a great collab! The new song "Incompris" - "Misunderstood" in english, is awesome! What's the story on how you guys initially connected with Hugo?  Thanks! We’re...

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